Samerkas SA is a purely Greek company and one of the top names in the Greek petroleum market. With its current structure and form, it began its operation in 1973, but it’s been active in the field of petroleum products and lubricants trading since 1951 under the brand name S. Samerakas & Co.

Following a continuously dynamic growth, Samerkas SA today employs more than 60 people. In the composition of its staff, there are graduates from Universities and Technological Educational Institutes, as well as staff of exceptional experience and absolute specialization. It also has its own facilities in Kavala, owned lubricant storehouse in the Industrial Area of ​​ Kavala, and 14 privately-owned filling stations in Northern Greece.

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Our Vision

Our vision is for Samerakas SA to become one of the leading Greek energy trading and distribution companies, focusing on the customer, offering, in honest and responsible manners, quality products and services at affordable prices. Considering this, the company purposefully implements a multifarious social and environmental policy, in the field of both its activity and its infrastructure.


The company has three main sectors of activity. The wholesale of fuels and mineral oils through its privately-owned fleet of tankers and other commercial vehicles. The retail sale of fuel through its branches (gas stations), as well as its investments in renewable energy sources  (photovoltaic parks, biogas plant). Each sector has its facilities and staff as well as its administrative organization.


Within the last two difficult years for businesses due to COVID-19, the company managed to maintain all its staff and remained in operation all this time. Specifically, the company’s turnover for 2019 amounted to 33,052,655.00 euros, while for 2020 there was a decrease with turnover reaching 26,963,845.00 euros, mainly due to the reduced demand – especially in the retail part – resulting from COVID-19.

An important achievement and step of the company towards its goal for the exploitation of alternative forms of energy and its environmental ethics is the construction and operation of a biogas plant in Kavala, which exploits waste from livestock units in the region, as well as residues from agricultural crops. This project was carried out through our subsidiary company ILIAKTIDA Power Generation S.A.

See below a video with the timeline of Samerkas S.A. as well as our activities.

Filling Station network
Filling Station
Filling Station (+Autogas LPG)
Premises - Fuel transportation

With continuous growth potential, 14 fully-equipped Filling Stations in East Macedonia and Thrace provide comprehensive services and supply coverage with product quality and staff experience. Our goal is to achieve directness contact with the customer and provide real and total support.