Samerkas SA is next to you to warm up your own place with BP’s advanced heating oil. BP‘s heating oil is a top-class, reliable, and economical solution with a special composition that offers more energy saving, but also increased efficiency, due to its more efficient combustion; a feature that allows the consumer to heat an area with a much smaller amount of oil.

The company‘s goal is to effectively implement its social and ecological identity through offering and delivering top-quality products even in the heating category. Our constant confidence in BP also contributes to the ability to offer strictly tested and certified heating oil, incorporating modern technology and environmentally friendlier combustion.

The features of the new generation heating fuel include special protection of the boiler and reduced emission of pollutants, aiming both at an economic and integrated coverage of the consumer’s needs, as well as social responsibility for man and the environment, achieving a better quality of life, with 66% reduced smoke emission and 50% reduced carbon monoxide emission compared to common heating oil.

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Areas we serve
Samerkas SA serves the entire province of Kavala, through an extensive network of supply stations and the use of its fully equipped fleet of tank trucks. So each and every area has an immediate and fast service from the nearest supply station.
Chrysoupoli (and surrounding areas)
Eleftheroupoli (and surrounding areas)

Samerkas SA follows a steady social policy by choosing to offer BP’s especially improved heating oil, with better combustion additives, achieving higher efficiency with the smallest possible consumption.

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We take care of the immediate and better service of consumers, to meet every need in the field of heating oil. Our specialized staff is next to you at any moment.


Modern fuel technology allows us to offer heating oil with care both of the environment and the consumer economy, with a reduction in combustion emissions and improved performance.


Samerkas SA follows the formal price formation directive, ensuring that it provides 3 pricing classes, corresponding to the amount of heating oil that the consumer wants.

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